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About Me

 Hi! I’m Ryan, the founder of Everyday Listening and writer for The Headphone List. My goal is to provide the most accurate and in-depth reviews on the net, both of mainstream and niche enthusiast products. I use an objective lens aided by subjective impressions in my evaluation and like to look at the whole product instead of focusing on one aspect; though sound quality is obviously the most integral factor in my ultimate verdict. I am not an at-home audiophile chained to an extensive setup, rather, my usages are very varied, allowing for detailed product evaluation. I am currently studying a bachelor of physiotherapy and have had an ongoing interest in fitness. I often take each earphone for a few runs to test durability and fit. In addition, I regularly commute via public transport which gives me a chance to test out noise isolation and practicality.


All comments and words are my own, I do not accept payment for positive scores nor do I allow manufacturers to edit my writing. I do accept review samples, some are loan units to be returned to the manufacturer and some I am allowed to keep. I will always note if the product has been provided by the manufacturer and the terms of review at the beginning of the article. Though I personally do not feel that review samples bias my judgement, I always take the manufacturer’s asking price into account through comparison to personally purchased models with similar pricing.


Background, Gear of choice, Preferences and Biases


I`ve been an active music enthusiast for almost a decade, my passion for audio starting with the humble Klipsch S4`s that introduced me to the nuances of music. Although the S4`s aren’t outstanding by modern standards, I found myself starting to appreciate the intricacies to the songs I was listening to. This lead me to the Klipsch X10`s, the Phonak PFE232`s and eventually to the Sennheiser ie800`s before I started actively reviewing.

DSC02571 crop.jpg

I run my audio gear through my dedicated sources when at home, my HTC 10 during daily use and my iPod Nano 7G when running. I use my experience with similarly priced gear to objectively compare and evaluate products in my reviews since I believe comparison can provide a greater understanding of a particular equipment’s performance. Of note, I don`t use eQ since it can be hard to maintain a uniform profile across devices and I try to keep modding to a minimum (any modifications and effects will be noted in the review). I volume match all of my sources and use an inline switcher to compare between them for the most accurate impressions.

DSC00739-3-16 crop.jpg

I generally prefer a u-shaped sound with reasonable balance. I like a lot of detail and clarity but can appreciate a smooth, laid-back sound. I’m not particularly treble sensitive so I may be more forgiving of brightness than some other listeners. I will note if I use a different eartip/pad/cover during the review and describe the sound changes.


In terms of musical taste, I listen to a very wide range of genres in several languages. I enjoy artists such as Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, Bowie and Elton John though I`m open to pretty much any genre. I play piano and guitar and similarly enjoy acoustic songs. I also listen to Korean and Japanese artists which gives me a better feel of different mastering styles. Of course, I can`t sum up my entire library with just a few artists, and my tastes in music will be subject to change over time just as much as anyone else.

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I read a lot of reviews before making a purchase decision but try to remain as objective as possible during my own judgment of the product. If a manufacturer has sent me a review unit, I`ll try to go in as “clean” as possible to prevent additional bias. Of course, I will try to my best ability not to allow the incentive of a review unit to bias my opinion. I generally like to look at tonality/tuning separate from quality so that my reviews can cater better to the reader`s personal preferences in sound, though I will note if the tonality ever compromises quality. If there is no disclaimer then the product will be a personal purchase.


Rating system


My rating system has changed since the site’s inception though final scores remain comparable. For my older articles (before 2017), sound ratings are universal within each category (earbud, earphones, headphones, speakers) and disregard price. The overall score or verdict will factor in price and all other factors; versatility, design, features, etc. This is to allow readers to more accurately compare the performance of the gear I`ve reviewed and to judge whether the price of an upgrade is justified by the performance advantage. I have since removed all criteria except my overall rating to avoid confusion. The final score is judged based on the same factors as before. As always, my reviews are subjective, personal and relative, I try not to take myself too seriously while maintaining a deep respect for the manufacturers and readers that make all of this possible!



Everyday Listening has been using Amazon Affiliate since July 2017; when purchasing a product through the links provided in my reviews, Amazon gives me a small amount of money, usually around 5% of the product’s value. There are no catches for the buyer, it just helps to support the site, whether that be to cover the cost of review units, shipping during tours or equipment such as an SPL meter, in-line switcher, measurement gear, etc. I always disclose whether the linked pages are affiliate links and put them at the ends of my reviews.

I feel that my review should earn that purchase and I don’t monetize articles covering products I don’t recommend. I make zero profit, at present, the cost of equipment and samples well outweigh my affiliate earnings and higher earnings down the road will only enable better review samples requested by my readers. Please consider purchasing through my links so that I can keep the site running and continue to improve the quality of my articles! And a huge thanks to everyone that has supported the site thus far, whether through affiliate or not!


Related Sites


In addition to Everyday Listening, I also post my reviews on and Head-Fi. All other articles are exclusive to my own site due to irrelevance on these other platforms. Feel free to message me with any questions or feedback by commenting on my posts or send me a private message via my contact page.

And finally, thanks for looking! I hope that the guides are helpful and that you enjoy my reviews


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