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Ocean Pack 2 Quick Review

The Ocean pack is quite an interesting product that perfectly embodies the simple but effective moniker. Once quite an expensive and niche product, variants of the original Ocean pack can now be found in markets and retail stores for very affordable prices.

If you haven`t come across one before, its basically a waterproof storage bag used primarily during activities such as fishing, swimming and camping. Despite this, the 2L bag I`m reviewing today is small enough to fit in pretty much any bag, enabling you to protect your delicate electronics from water at any time. Since I was visiting Chang Mai during wet season, I decided to purchase an unbranded Ocean Pack 2 to keep my camera and phone dry. After some brief bargaining, the bag cost me just under $7 AUD from Pantip Plaza. Similar bags are widely available from a variety of different brands and are offered in numerous sizes, where the model number denotes the bag`s capacity in litres.

The design of the bag encapsulates this sense of simplicity, being of a basic cylindrical design with a nylon band equipped with a buckle and clip at the top. The entire bag is constructed from a water and air proof material similar to that found on life boats.


It`s easy to use with few parts, resulting in better sealing and reliability (less glue/stitching). To use the bag, you load it up with objects you want to keep dry, press the top together and roll it down a few revolutions until the bag feels firm, then simply bend the roll upwards and secure it with the buckle.

The bag naturally holds it`s cylindrical shape and when sealed becomes slightly pressurized. This acts more or less as a cushion, protecting the contents inside from drops and knocks. The bag will also float if dropped in a body of water and the variety of bright colours offered are all eye catching for easy retrieval. The bag can also be hung or secured using the included clip, you can buckle it onto your belt for example.


For regular electronic users, the Ocean pack isn`t a bad buy. I think the smaller packs are almost a must have for most consumers, especially for the price I managed to haggle. They`re great to keep in your backpack/handbag for a rainy day while the larger bags are a nice addition to any longer outdoor activity such as camping and fishing. Whilst you would be similarly served using a ziplock or plastic shopping bag to keep gadgets dry, the Ocean pack definitely offers a more reliable experience. With flagship phones now costing upwards of $800, a $10 bag is a worthy investment for your investment.


A few notes from daily use, I found myself just carrying the ocean pack instead of my backpack. It`s lightweight, small and the buckled top makes for a good handle. It`s large enough to carry my wallet, phone and perhaps a backup battery which is usually all I need when out and about. Although the ocean pack won`t win any fashion awards, anyone with a few portable electronics would no doubt find some use in this relatively budget friendly purchase.



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