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Final Audio E4000 Impressions

Introduction – 

After having an overwhelmingly positive experience with Final Audio FR’s E2000/3000, I was ecstatic to hear their new E4000/5000 series. The E4000 represents the lower priced offering, coming in at $179 USD. It retains a single dynamic driver configuration and effectively appends concerns of build quality by adopting a removable MMCX cable. Both models are now closed, offering significantly greater noise isolation. You can read more about the E4000 here.


Sound –

Measurements on my website are provided for reference, they are not 100% accurate so take them with a grain of salt. My measurement system introduces an 8KHz peak that is not audible on most gear, I will highlight if it is in my subjective comments. My measurements are not accurate past 10KHz so they do not fairly represent treble extension and upper-treble tuning.

Final E4000.png

In terms of tuning, both of Final’s new earphones lean warm in tone with very natural midrange voicings. Like Final’s lower-end offerings, the E4000 comes across as more tonally accurate to me, with the higher-end E5000 being warmer and fuller. Nonetheless, the E4000 remains a warm earphone in isolation with enhanced sub and mid-bass, plenty of lower-midrange body and slightly recessed vocals. This is redeemed by very impressive bass control and a modest attenuation of the upper-bass that prevents tubbiness and congestion. In addition, a gradual climb into the upper-midrange enables greater vocal clarity and presence.


Still, mids are very natural overall, with warmth permeating from below, a smooth lower-treble and dense upper-midrange. This makes the E4000 sound quite full-bodied and contributes towards one of the most realistic timbres around this price. Despite having a dip in their FR, the E4000 retains plenty of detail presence. This stems from its forward upper-midrange that produces a well-bodied, organic treble instrument reconstruction without introducing a hint of sibilance or sharpness as treble peaks tend to do. Meanwhile, modest middle-treble emphasis produces heightened air and brings micro-details more to the fore at the cost of cleanliness.

This is topped off with a coherent soundstage with moderate width but impressive depth, and users shouldn’t be concerned about congestion despite the E4000’s warmth and transition to a closed housing design. Altogether, the E4000 has an organic sound with an especially intriguing midrange, and I haven’t heard any earphones around this price with such a natural vocal presentation. It definitely subverts the usual thinner, brighter sound characteristic of most Japanese and, more recently, Asian IEMs in general. Perhaps this can even be considered Final’s take on a Western-style sound. Regardless, they’ve done a sensational job at maintaining clarity all the while preventing congestion.


Early Verdict – 

Things are definitely heating up in the lower-midrange price tier as many Chi-Fi manufacturers slowly climb in performance and pricing. And though the E4000 doesn’t represent that same blistering sense of value as Final’s lower-end offerings, it remains a model that is very much competitive and refreshingly natural in a price tier where other brands tend to offer more heavily sculpted signatures.

Stay tuned for my full review!

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