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MW07 Plus and Go First Impressions

Introduction –

As an avid photographer, Master and Dynamic have always had a special appeal to me. Though the subjectivity of sound will no doubt spark contention, the charm of their designs is undeniable. The first in a long line of TWS review, the MW07 resonated with me for its vibrant sound and simple yet effective controls. It’s been almost a year since that model was first released and now we have two new MW07 earphones, the more feature-rich Plus coming in at a slightly higher $299 USD, and the active-orientated Go at $199 USD. You can read more about the new MW07 Plus and MW07 GO here.


Design –


Both earphones harken back to the original MW07 with subtle tweaks. The earbuds now have 3 terminals for charging and the proximity sensor has been relocated. Both earpieces on the Plus resemble the right MW07 bud as they can now be used in isolation; both sides possessing a sensor and dual beamforming mics. The Go retains a single mic setup on the right earbud, however, it too is a beamforming model which, from preliminary testing, offers substantially improved call quality over the omnidirectional mic on the MW07. The silicone fins are also slightly longer for each size and their shape has been slightly adjusted.


The Go makes more radical changes to the overall shape of the earphone, shaving 1.5mm off the height and 1mm off the thickness to provide a 15% reduction in volume. The acetate faceplates make way for basic hues of TR90 composite that contributes to a 15% weight reduction on top. These numbers may sound insignificant on paper, however, with more rounded edges on top, the Go feels substantially smaller in the ear and less subject to wiggling loose during active use. The case is also more compact and has a fabric knit. Meanwhile, the stainless steel case on the Plus receives a small tweak, it now has a dual magnet hinge that locks open and closes with more affirmation.


Fans of the original will be excited to hear that the new earphones both feature the same 10mm Beryllium driver while adding higher quality BT5.0 with AAC and Apt-X support on top. Furthermore, a common complaint has been very effectively appended, with the new models offering a whopping 10 hours of battery life up from 3.5hrs on the MW07. Of note, however, the Go’s case only offers a single additional charge where the Plus’ case offers 3 additional charges. Both earphones are water-resistant, the Go has a higher IPX6 rating where the Plus offers IPX5 resistance and both are improved over the splash resistant (IPX4) MW07.


Sound –


So here’s where things get interesting. The majority of reviews online have cited identical sound quality from the MW07 and MW07 Go/Plus. However, take one listen and that is clearly not the case despite all of them using presumably the same 10mm beryllium drivers. I can only attribute this to the new circuitry perhaps offering superior amplification as both of the new models sound similar and markedly improved from their predecessor. Immediately, they possess more clarity and more balance throughout the spectrum. They remain vivid, V-shaped earphones, however, bass is now noticeably cleaner, faster and more controlled. The mid-bass has been toned down by a fair degree while vocals have been enhanced, lacking the bloat and bloom of the MW07. Vocals are also presented with noticeably more clarity, and they sound slightly more natural without the thinness of the MW07. Highs also appear slightly clearer and slightly more extended, offering more headroom. This is aided by reduced background hiss on the new models that makes discerning small details easier. Between the Go and Plus, initial listening has revealed little difference, though perhaps the Plus sounds a touch more balanced, presumably a result of less impeded filters due to its lower water resistance rating. The Plus also sounds more variable than the Go, losing some quality when ANC is active, similar to the MW65, however, this is to be expected.


Early Verdict –


I’m honestly shocked at how Master & Dynamic managed to exact such changes in such a short period of time. Surely the new Bluetooth codec and hardware aids connectivity and efficiency, however, a 3x increase in battery life is huge and makes the MW07 earphones leader on the current market. They have also handily dealt with my prior complaints with call quality and noise isolation, especially on the dual mic, ANC Plus which surely represents one of the most feature-rich TWS earphones on the market. Meanwhile, the Go suits those looking for a more compact earphone if at the cost of a less feature-packed experience at a lower price. In lieu of the extraordinary Plus, the Go may appear to be a hard sell, however, it does stand alone as a respectable package at a reasonable price point with the Plus pushing firmly into premium boundaries with beefed-up specs to match. Additionally, the increase in sound quality from the MW07 to the Go and Plus make the Go, in particular, more appetising especially now that the entry cost is lower than ever. These are two very promising new earphones from M&D who appear to be on a roll with their implementation of new technologies inside the same iconic designs.

4 thoughts on “MW07 Plus and Go First Impressions Leave a comment

    • Hi Neal,

      Sub-bass is very good, well extended with solid thump and rumble, it is quite tight as well. The vocals are very clear and slightly forward but they still sit a touch behind the bass and treble.



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the review!

    Finally someone who says that there is a difference in sound between MW07 and MW07 Plus 🙂 My question may sound absurd, but I am looking for a pair of in-ears that have a sound signature similar to my Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless. P7 are not enough comfy for long listening sessions. Would the Plus be a good option? Thank you !



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