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Spinfit CP1025 Review – Flexibility

Pros –

Quality adaptors fit other 3rd party tips too, Softer and gripper silicone, Articulating sound bore provides a personalised fit, More engaging sound

Cons –

Brighter treble won’t suit all, Reduction in fullness and body

Verdict –

The CP1025 represents strong value not only for the benefits it brings to sound and fit but also flexibility.

Introduction –

Dubbed “the cheapest audio upgrade”, Spinfits have earned a strong reputation with their third-party ear tips with articulating sound tube design. In accordance, they provide a more personalised fit than the majority. Spinfit also utilise a grippy silicone compound that achieves a distinct aesthetic alongside excellent fit stability. All of these benefits have now been translated into a more compact model made specifically for Apple’s immensely popular Airpods Pros. The new CP1025 tips mirror the comfortable shallow-fit of the stock tips and come with adaptors that enable third-party tips to attach confidently onto the Pro’s proprietary nozzle.

The Spinfit CP1025’s are available for $14.99 USD for a pack of 4 tips and 2 adaptors. You can read more about them and treat yourself to a pack here.

Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Spinfit very much for reaching out and providing me with the new CP1025 ear tips for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the tips free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Design –

The CP1025 is available in 4 sizes in packs of 4. I found that medium most resembled the medium stock APP tips. The tips come with an adaptor that permits standard tips to fit onto the Airpod’s unorthodox nozzle. The adaptors themselves are of good quality, clipping confidently onto the Airpods and holding third-party tips with no issues, they also have a mesh wax filter. As the stem is on the shorter side, ensure that tips are cleaned of oils to prevent them from sliding off. The CP1025 provides an ideal experience here, with a retentive ring that locks onto the small ridge running the perimeter of the adaptor nozzle. The CP1025 tips themselves as compared to the stock APP tips provide a familiar experience. The fit depth is similarly shallow but the seal is noticeably stronger. They are round but assume a similar oval profile when attached onto the oval-shaped adaptors, this means they also work with earphones featuring round nozzles. The softer silicone also makes the Spinfits more readily conforming to the ear than most stock tips.

Compared to models in the updated Spinfit line-up, we observe many similarities as well. There’s the same grippy high-transparency silicone jacket, though not quite like the Xelastec tips, alongside the familiar articulating sound tube design. The new transparent silicone compound, as I found in my updated CP100 review, is also resistant to discolouration over time. In terms of the shape, however, the CP1025 varies quite substantially from previous tips. Being designed specifically for the Airpods Pro they are more reminiscent of the original Apple tips, regarding both their broad mushroom jacket and shorter stem design that both promote a shallow albeit especially comfortable fit. This means they provide a different wearing experience to the classic longer-stemmed CP100 Spinfits and also the CP360 that has a similarly short stem but a longer and slightly more squared-off jacket.

Due to the much shorter tube, the swivelling mechanism has been compromised to some extent; there is noticeably less articulation than the aforementioned models which is further limited when the tips are fit onto the Airpod nozzle adaptors. Nonetheless, I was able to achieve a stable fit and a strong seal aided by the extra grippy jacket. On certain TWS earphones, I would occasionally struggle to find a seal on just one ear. This is the best application for the Spinfits which were a huge relief here even with their more limited range of motion. These are a very comfortable shallow-fit tip that minimises wearing pressure and the construction quality is noticeably higher quality than generic TWS ear tips so they don’t collapse in the ear with a deep fit or degrade over time.  ANC performance was almost identical to stock during my testing, but fit stability was appreciably improved, especially during active use.

Sound –

Tonality –

All comments here will be in reference to the stock Apple Airpod Pros ear tips given that the tips were designed for this earphone. In short, the CP1025 provides a generally brighter sound, most notably with regards to foreground attack. In turn, percussion and strings come across as more vibrant and focused but also sharper if you’re sensitive to that. Sub-bass is bigger and bolder but also tighter, a trend that continues to the cleaner mid-bass and lower-midrange. The tone is cleaner throughout and vocal clarity and extension enhanced. Though not quite as even sounding as the stock tips, the Spinfits are notably more vibrant and engaging, a nice spin on the Airpod’s mellower factory sound.

Bass –

The stock tips have a slightly heavier sub-bass combined with a slightly cleaner mid and upper-bass. Installing the CP1025’s retains the same level of extension but adds just a little more kick and slam at the very bottom, while further cleaning up the mid-bass. In turn, the presentation becomes a little more dynamic, with greater impact but also an uptick of separation relative to stock. Attack and decay remain quite similar, of course, but I do find sub-bass to be slightly tighter and there is a little more definition and a touch less warmth overall. As I find the stock tips to provide a pleasantly coherent experience, I was glad that the CP1025 doesn’t drastically alter the experience here as some of the longer-stemmed models can. The stock tips remains a touch more linear, but again, the deviations are small and the CP1025 does provide a more defined and dynamic bass.

Mids –

Reflecting changes in the bass, the midrange assumes a slightly more vivid presentation. With less mid-bass warmth, the tone is cleaner, still just slightly warm leaning but I find male vocals especially to sound more transparent. The Airprods Pros have a slightly lower-midrange bolstering as well which ensures that vocals don’t sound thinned out, strained or dry, so the CP1025’s provide a desirable and well-considered experience in this context. The upper-midrange isn’t so obviously affected, but there is certainly slightly more clarity and vocal extension, making for a more open presentation. Again, there is sufficient body not to overly strain vocals and they do not sit much further forward either. The midrange presentation sounds appreciably more engaging with the CP1025, while avoiding excessive timbre colouration. In fact, the tone is more transparent and vocal clarity and openness are both appreciably enhanced.

Highs –

The top-end appears most affected to my ear and these observations remained consistent amongst the other earphone pairings too. Most likely, this is a result of the larger bore alongside a shallower fit. As bass is also a touch elevated to match and the changes aren’t too large, the presentation becomes more engaging rather than becoming too bright or sharp. Lower-treble is most obviously affected, being noticeably crisper. Instrument body is a touch reduced but note attack is sharper and fine detail retrieval is considerably improved accordingly. There’s also improved air and shimmer alongside a generally more open headroom. The Airpods Pros came across as quite mellow to me with a darker background and slightly blunted treble attack making the CP1025 a great pairing once again. If you prefer a smoother sound, they may not be the best recommendation in turn.\

Soundstage –

As one would expect from the generally more open sounding CP1025, the soundstage too expands noticeably wider and depth is similar to stock too. As, though vocals are clearer and a bit more extended, they occupy a similar stage position, not pushed too forward. Separation is notably improved due to the sharper note attack and cleaner tone throughout. Imaging is also sharper with a crisper lower-treble aiding distinct directional cues. Small details are easier to discern due to a sharper sense of direction and greater separation between individual notes. The presentation upholds a convincing level of coherence as it isn’t pushed too thin nor bright, this is a satisfying combination.

Other Pairings –

MW07 (Go/Plus): The Spinfits fit perfectly fine onto the nozzles but since the MW07 has a very short sound tube and a bulkier housing, I wasn’t able to get a good seal with the shorter CP1025. I would generally advise that buyers try the CP360 instead.

Lypertek TEVI: The TEVI has a slightly less stable fit to me given that the housings are quite small with no fins or other means of retention. The CP1025 immediately fit my ears better than stock, requiring less pressure to achieve a stronger seal and better fit stability with their grippy jacket too. The stock tips required quite a deep fit which I found less comfortable and to cause some driver flex. The sound is a little more engaging with the Spinfits while upholding great balance. Sub-bass extension is improved, delivering a little more slam while mid-bass remains defined and clean. The midrange is slightly less coherent and a touch more laid-back with slightly diminished body, but still natural in voicing. Meanwhile, highs become crisper, the background wasn’t too bright but there was more focus in the foreground making for a slightly more detailed listen. 

Momentum TW2: The Spinfits are noticeably grippier then the stock tips making them a little harder to put in. Conversely, they provide a more secure fit, aided by the less angular shape and despite their slightly shallower fit due to their shorter nozzles. They also hold the nozzle of the earphone better where the stock tips are prone to falling off after wearing in. The Spinfits provide a crisper and slightly brighter sound. At the bottom, there’s a noticeably cleaner bass than stock, in turn, also not as much fullness and warmth. Vocals are brought a touch forward, they are noticeably higher in definition and clarity but also drier, stock being smoother and more organic. Treble has sharper attack, it is crisper with greater fine detail retrieval. The soundstage becomes slightly wider too and separation is enhanced.

Adv M5 TWS: I personally had a pretty poor experience with the stock tips on the M5TWS, neither style providing an ideal seal for my ears. The Spinfits do a much better job here, they are grippier and also offer a much stronger seal. I felt the fit was more stable with better retention in the ear, especially during active use. The sound was more open and a touch brighter than stock. The spinfits introduce a touch more sub-bass extension with a more solid slam at the very bottom but also a slightly cleaner mid-bass. The upper-midrange was a bit more open but vocals sounded wetter and more refined overall. The treble was crisper and a touch brighter but with good focus in the foreground with noticeably better detail retrieval. The soundstage was wider and separation enhanced.  

Verdict –

The Airpods Pros are immensely popular, and yet are one of the least flexible options on the market in terms of fit and sound due to their proprietary nozzle design. Regardless, good design on Apple’s behalf redeems them to some extent, managing to uphold what I would consider to be a widely pleasing fit and sound profile. The CP1025 Spinfits revolutionise this design, not only fitting perfectly on the Airpods but enabling third party tips to attach with similar confidence with the included adaptors. This is not something provided by a lot of competitors. The sound, to my ears, is desirable too, albeit not for those wanting a warm and smooth sound. Still, the Spinfits focus the sound, boosting fine detail retrieval and dynamics while enhancing vocal clarity. They do so without huge changes to the balance and coherence provided by the vanilla Airpod experience. As always, expect a reliable and stable fit from the grippy silicone design and articulating sound bore, especially handy for those with odd shaped ear canals that struggle for an equal fit on both sides. The CP1025 represents strong value not only for the benefits it brings to sound and fit but also flexibility.

 The Spinfit CP1025 eartips are available from Amazon (International) for $14.99 USD at the time of writing. Please see my affiliate link for the most updated pricing, availability and configurations.

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