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Plussound Poetic Tri-Silver Review – Creativity & Composure

Pros –

Excellent build quality and finish, Perfect ergonomics, Highly clean and composed sound, Holographic imaging

Cons –

Leaner mid-bass presentation won’t suit brighter/thinner headphones

Verdict –

Plussound’s Tri-Silver Poetic cable is clean, linear and highly resolving throughout, delivering a flagship-level user experience from start to finish.

Introduction –

Plussound are one of the main players in the custom cable game, with a decade of experience handcrafting cables in the USA. A few years back, they updated their entire line-up and have continued to refine their designs, their supple insulation and streamlined aesthetic cementing them as a personal favourite. However, while their IEM cables have received no shortage of attention, far less has been paid to their headphone cables that are less commonly available at this time. Of their headphone range, the Poetic is the most traditional custom headphone upgrade cable design; a 4-wire cable with a multifilament yarn sheath. It is designed to be extra durable without affecting flexibility. Furthermore, the added layer of protection aids insulation of the conductors. As with all of Plussound’s cables, the Poetic series can be configured with a plethora of different conductors, of which I’ve chosen their signature Tri-Silver blend that offers wide and potent synergy.

The Poetic cable range starts from $249 USD putting it around mid-pack in Plussound’s line-up. You can configure one of Plussound’s cables for your preferences here.

Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Christian from Plussound very much for his quick communication and for providing me with the Poetic in Tri-Silver for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the cable free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Contents –

Behind the Design –

Custom Insulation

Plussound custom manufacture UPOCC polyurethane isolated wires that focus on extreme flexibility and resist hardening over time. The poetic range implement additional multifilament yarn sheathing that serves as a secondary dielectric for extra protection and durability.


As with all Plussound cables, the Poetic utilises a Type 6 Litz geometry with proprietary damping core. This is the most sophisticated Litz design at present, consisting of Type4 Litz bundles entwined around a fibre core. In addition, each Type 4 bundle has its own core, contributing to a sturdy, well-isolated and vibration resistant design.


The Tri-Silver is the company’s former flagship preceding the PPH. It implements 3 types of silver conductors, currently the most conductive metal for cable design. Inside are pure silver conductors, gold-plated silver and palladium-plated silver.

Customisability –

Plussound’s online customizer is one of the most flexible and intuitive out there. The user is able to select from a range of conductor types alongside adjusting the length and colour of the connectors. For the poetic series, you are also able to adjust the colour of the sleeving. Plussound have expanded their options recently to include Type-C termination with in-built DAC/AMP and even a Bluetooth receiver. Of note, when selecting connectors, Plussound list compatible headphone models rather than the connector itself to simplify the ordering process. However, the connector will be universal to all headphones using this connector. You can view my configuration in addition to the level of customizability below:

Unboxing –

Plussound have really stepped up their unboxing recently, and the Poetic series is no different. Similar to the PPH, the Tri-Silver comes within a satin hard box with gold trim that provides a premium aura. An acrylic plate showcasing the proud hand-made nature of the product secures a leather drawstring Plussound pouch that keeps the cable safe during transit. A push button leather cable wrap is also included, a fine addition.  

Design –

The Poetic is the first headphone cable I’ve tested from Plussound and I was delighted to find out that it masterfully translates the superb ergonomic properties of their in-ear models. The company flaunt their extensive experience with cables through the excellent construction quality featuring a perfectly even braid and uniform sheathing. All of the connectors are metal with a satin black finish that looks thoroughly premium. I went with a balanced XLR and mini-XLR connectors and was impressed with their uniform colour and design language that contributes to a professional, high-quality aesthetic throughout the entire cable. The only inkling of suggestion that this is a hand-made product are the visible gold grub screws that secure the wires within the terminations.

I found the plugs to be snug with tight tolerances and, though there is no visible strain relief, I am told there is internal anchorage. I haven’t experienced an issue with my previous Plussound cables, some of which I’ve been using almost daily for a few years. The cable itself is an ergonomic dream too, being super supple with zero memory. This is also one of the nicest fabric sheathings I’ve experienced, as promised by their marketing, I didn’t find it to affect flexibility relative to their naked wire cables at all, it has a very soft feel and little effect on microphonic noise transmission. Though on the larger side in terms of gauge, it is not out of the ordinary for a headphone cable and wasn’t cumbersome during use. The Plussound Poetic cable is a delight to live with day to day with a winning combination of quality in-hand feel and streamlined aesthetic design.

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