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Logitech UE900 Cable – The best value MMCX Cable?

Introduction – 

This cable has been mentioned countless times on the internet. It`s cheap for an mmcx cable, and has a great design. There is also a model with a full 3-button remote and mic, something many manufacturers omit. These cables are available from Logitech`s US website for $20 and $30 for the remote version. Unfortunately they can only be ordered in set colours, the non-remote version is black whilst the remote cable is a vibrant blue which might be a bit garish for some.


Design – 


They use a typical mmcx connector and connect to your source through an adequately relieved right angle 3,5mm plug. The plug is low profile and will work with most cases. They have angled mmcx connectors which can aid ergonomics if your stock cable doesn`t fit you ears well. For example, the straight connectors on my Shure se535 cables were too tall, producing discomfort at the top of my ears whereas the UE900 cables help guide the cables more comfortably.


The angled connectors are also great for earphones that stick out of your ear more than usual as they can angle inwards and prevent the cable from flicking over the outer ear. The cable has no proper Y-split, it`s just a small bit of transparent heatshrink which is shoddy, even for the price. The mmcx connectors have a gold pin, but the rest of the connectors are not plated which can result in an intermittent connection over time. Using deoxit does alleviate this issue, even for a few months.


The cables conform using memory wire. Unfortunately, it`s very stiff and un-ergonomic, I would have strongly preferred heat-shrink. I used an X-acto knife to remove the wire, and the cable on account of its tight braid and very supple nature, still stays in place very well, even during long-distance runs. The cable is very flexible and stays coiled when wound. It has a rubbery texture however and is quite grippy. The remote model works very well, the buttons are easy to differentiate and have nice feedback. They produce very little microphonics, especially low since the grippy texture prevents them from sliding against nearby surfaces. The cables are very light weight, even lighter than my Westone epic cables and far lighter than the stock Shure cables which are ridiculously combersome for any kind of activity. This ensures lasting comfort and a more stable fit during exercise.


Compared to the Westone epic cable, the UE900 cable has a tighter braid and angled connectors, the epic cable uses lower profile straight mmcx connectors and has a very ergonomic memory wire guide. The Westone cable is less supple, but resists tangles better. It is much smoother in texture, making it a better choice if you route your earphones under your shirt or jumper.

The Westone epic cable is also better relieved and looks to be more durable with properly moulded junctions. They are of similar thickness and are both great choices for mmcx earphones, unfortunately, Westone does not offer an epic cable with remote which is why I use the UE900 cable on my W30`s. The UE900 cables are also much cheaper, around a third of the price of the epic cable.


Sound – 

The UE900 cables don`t sound awfully different from my stock Westone cables if at all. Perhaps they sound slightly more neutral and slightly brighter than stock, but it could be placebo. I don`t think the sound differences would be big enough to affect a purchase decision.


Verdict –


Design – 8/10, The cable is well designed on a whole. They could use gold-plated mmcx connectors (the UE900s cables do have this but cannot be ordered from Logitech), a properly moulded y-split and a better-relieved plug. Otherwise, they are comfy without memory wire, tangle resistant and very supple. Logitech could offer a black remote cable.

Functionality – 9.5/10,  The remote is well implemented and at a good position. It lies just above the collar and does not produce microphonics. The buttons are well designed with a clicky feeling and good travel. Has one of the better sounding integrated mics I`ve tested.

Sound – 8/10, I have no issues with the sound, it doesn`t make my W30`s sound better but it has no negative impact either. It doesn`t provide an immediate increase in sound quality like the Effectaudio Thor cable I used on my se535`s. It is pretty much acoustically transparent.

Value – 9/10, The quality is on par with any more expensive cable, but the sound can`t be considered an upgrade. The remote + mic is convenient, but I would have appreciated gold plated mmcx connectors.

Verdict – 9.5/10, These cables are a great upgrade to any mmcx cable and offer remote functionality for IOS devices. They work perfectly for running/sports with low microphonics and a stable fit. They are well built, ergonomic and very light weight. The connectors are much more versatile and low profile than a custom cable. Value is fantastic, just a little more expensive than most Chinese cables but much better built. It is mainly an ergonomic or cosmetic upgrade rather than a sound upgrade.

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  1. I bought the black version for my Vsonic GR07’s and I love them. I appreciate the ability to change volume, pause/skip a song, and even turn on Siri with a button hold. The microphone has great quality too, while most in-line mics are terrible. The only thing that irks me is that, to skip a song, you have to double-tap the button very fast, otherwise you will simply pause the song. As in, if your finger is on there for a millisecond too long, the song pauses instead of skips. Not a big problem though.


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