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Headphone Stand Comparison – Two Fantastic Ways to Modernize Your Desk for Under $30

Introduction – 

Headphone stands are a great way to reduce clutter on your desk, provide easy access to your headphones and also show them off! However most stands can cost upwards of $100, about same amount as a decent headset, making them very cost ineffective and more of an ornament.

DSC03527 edit.jpg

Today I`ll be looking at two of the best headphone stand you can have for less than $30 USD, the prestigious Luxa2 E-One and a very slick looking Omega stand. Both are the exactly the same price and both are a sight to look at.

DSC03548 edit.jpg

Given their low price, they provide a very practical way to manage you headphones and are a far more aesthetically pleasing option than hangers.


Unboxing – 



Immediately, the Luxa2 E-One provides a premium feel with a large matte box and very 90`s computer accessory reminiscent graphics.


The stand is well protected in a laser cut foam insert with manuals at the bottom. It`s easy, effective and gets the job done.




This isn`t the Sieveking headphone stand, it`s actually just a generic omega stand I bought from aliexpress. It`s slightly cheaper than the Luxa2 at $25 USD but the packaging was appalling if you can even call it packaging at all. The stand came in a cardboard box with a few specks of foam littered here and there, considering the price included shipping, I could hardly expect more, but unfortunately my stand was damaged, It was slightly warped, one corner was 5mm higher than the rest and there was a small dent at the very top, minor details, but problems nonetheless.


Design – 



The Luxa2 stand is absolutely striking. In terms of both quality and look, it`s very much on the same level as the more expensive Just mobile headstand. In fact I found it to be even sturdier with an extremely solid one piece aluminium build.


It has a nice matte finish that resists smudges and small touches such as the non-slip silicone base and rubberized top arm provide a flawless experience. The arm is very sturdy feeling and doesn`t budge at all even when holding my Oppo PM3`s, a decently heavy headphone (320g). The base is weighted and the stand stays well balanced at all times, unlike the Bluelounge Posto which has a tendency to fall over on account of its light weight.


Perhaps the only complaint I have about the Luxa2 is that its flat top can indent heavier headphones, but lighter headphones or those with less cushioning will have no issue. This is no problem short term, the cushion always returns to its original shape, but for longer storage, you`ll want to consider taking them down to prevent permanent indentation.


It`s very easy to place and remove the headphones on the Luxa2 stand, and cables can be coiled above the base.



In terms of design, the omega headphone stand is actually brilliant, and although it is not nearly as striking as the Luxa2, it has its own beauty and charm. The omega stand is a very nice walnut wood that is well finished and smooth. Mine had no eye singing filler and the whole stand looked no worse than it`s $150 Sieveking counterpart.


As previously stated, it was slightly warped. It came with no pads on the bottom, so this was a simple fix, I added foam pads on all corners with a layer of double sided tape beneath the lifted corner. It now sits flat and won`t scratch my wooden desk.


The stand on behalf of its design is just as stable as the Luxa2 and the wood is very thick, producing strong impressions. Unlike the Luxa2 stand, the omega stand will not indent the headband of your headphones. It is well shaped and the earpads rest squarely on the sides. The wood is well finished and I haven`t observed any wear on the leather of my PM3`s, even after months of use. It doesn`t have the pristine feel of the E-One, but it does technically do the job better, you can coil the cable around the stand for easy cleaning.


It also won`t falter under even the heaviest of headphones. Unfortunately these generic headstands are getting harder to find, most Chinese sellers are offering a new design, which is less prone to warping defects, but is much less attractive in my opinion.


There are also acrylic versions, but they attract dust like anything and might damage leather over long periods (seal might induce driver flex as well), the wood grain lets the earpads breathe a bit.


Verdict – 


Ultimately they are both very attractive and very practical, not to mention reasonably priced. I find that the E-One is more convenient to use, but the Omega stand is a better designed holder. Choosing aesthetically, choose depending on your desk space. Choosing functionally? If you use your headphones daily then buy the Luxa2, you will appreciate the easy access. If you only use your headphones every few days or less, than the omega stand is for you as it spreads the weight of the headphone better.

Luxa2 E-One – 8.5/10, The Luxa2 offers far more value than its competitors, and in many aspects, superior quality. It is very well designed and you feel like you get your money`s worth. The flat top holder can indent your headband and there is no space to put the cable, but it is still a very good choice.

Generic Omega Headstand – 9/10, The Omega stand uses a simple but effective design that omits the need for all the complications of the E-One. It works well, but due to its light weight, it can be awkward to get tightly clamping headphones off the stand. Inconsistent build and some defects prevent a perfect score, but I could be unlucky. If you can still find one for a reasonable price, they are a good buy.


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