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Magnetic Cable Clips Quick Review – Cable Management Made Simple

I`ve got too many cables lying around the house. I try to keep them packed up in a case, using twist ties, rubber bands, but when it`s time to use the cable, these methods are far from time effective, not to mention that the acute angles produced by rubber bands can damage the cable itself.


So what I have today are a set of magnetic cable ties. Brand name ties go for around $10-20 for a pack of 3, but I happened to snag my set of 10 (yes TEN) on Aliexpress for  just $2.50 US. They arrived after about a month, standard from China, and function equally to any more expensive model.


The packaging was surprisingly presentable, with a small frosted bag containing three ties each. It`s also nice to know that they`re Japanese, not Chinese and the design is very nice.

Such small accessories on Aliexpress are usually sold in bulk, so I was lucky to find a seller selling smaller sets of 10 (others only sell sets of 50 or even 100).

So in essence, all the ties are is a thin silicone band terminated with a magnetic clasp. They come in a variety of vibrant pastel colours, chosen at random, adding a bit of pop to any setup.

The design is very simple but effective, it`s surprising how much easier they are to use than rubber bands and twist ties. There`s no residue when left for prolonged periods of time, no untwisting to sync my phone, just snap on, snap off, who doesn`t love magnets?


The ties are about 10cm in length, but will stretch another couple of centimeters if needed. They are very elastic and flexible but don`t seem prone to breaking at all; they are well molded, quality silicone.

The magnets are strong enough, I assume they`re a neodymium variety, but I doubt they`re strong enough to cause any damage to electronics. For instance, they haven`t produced any damage on the earbuds I`ve been using them with.


Due to the length, I usually loop them twice around the cable, the slight elasticity of the band also holds the cable in place a little better than typical velcro straps.


For larger cables, such as 3 prong latpop power cables, they might be a but thin. In this case, you can clasp two of them together.


Just for fun, you can use them to hang objects off your fridge/white board and their grippy exterior is well suited for holding up sheets, flyers and even posters. They`re great for coiling earbuds, earphones and headphones cables during travel. If you have an extensive earphone/earbud collection, you can use these ties to hang them up on a white board for easy access.


They`re ridiculously cheap, well built and nicely packaged. These magnetic ties are a simple necessity to anyone remotely interested in tech who will most definitely have a few cables lying about. The colours add some contrast and the magnetic clips are fantastically convenient, having a set around the house will no doubt come in handy.


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