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Jaben Earphone Stand Quick Review

Anyone remotely interested in audio probably has a few sets of earphones or earbuds lying around. Unfortunately we only one set of ears, so sets that aren`t in use need to be stored. You can coil them up in a case, chuck them in a drawer or pack them back up into their original packaging, all great options to avoid damage and loss, but ones that are hardly time efficient or aesthetically pleasing.


You might have noticed the stand in my UM 50 Pro review, that`s an earphone holder exclusive to Jaben, the same one they use to display models at their own store. Jaben has recently started selling these stands to consumers, they look to be custom made as I haven`t come across any similar models on the internet. One can be had for around $9 AUD though staff are happy to negotiate better prices for larger orders.

What initially caught me was the very contemporary design of the stand. It`s super minimalist with a two piece acrylic body that slots together. The top part of the holder attaches to the base at an angle, it is reversible depending on the which look you prefer. The Jaben logo is embossed into the base.


The stand is actually quite practical, the pieces marry up well and it`s easy to hang earphones off the groove on the top. You simply coil the cable around 3 or 4 fingers, slide the coil onto the stand and hang the earphones up. Removing the earphones is even simpler, just pull the earphones up and the cable follows, gently uncoiling without knots or tangles. It`s a little easier than using a case and keeps the cables in check whilst showing off the design of your gear. Overall, the Jaben earphone stand is a nice addition to any earphone owner`s collection, it costs no more than a semi-hard case and well complements any setup.

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