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Stylish Earphone Case Ideas

Introduction – 

Not all expensive earphones come with appropriate casing for portable use. The ie800`s, fit that description perfectly with their unwieldy leather wallet that`s neither protective nor practical. Rather than using a Westone vault case or similar, I decided to improvise instead, and have received a number of both compliments and questions about the case. Here`s a quick guide illustrating how to construct an earphone case like the one I use with my ie800`s, this will be a simple article, more of an inspiration than a full guide.


For the functional design of the case, the metal exterior resists crushing and the foam interior to prevent damage to the earphones themselves. You can add compartment to the bottom allowing for storage of additional eartips, a cleaner and desiccant to keep moisture low (of course this is optional). The case works well, the slider is satisfying to use and the casting of the tin often draws compliments, they keep my ie800`s safe in style.


Steps – 

It`s easiest to start with a confectionery tin, I find that the sliding lid of metal chimes tins work best but an Altoids tin or similar will work just fine too. A lot of users will just stop here and use the tin, but to prevent scratching up more expensive iems, it`s definitely a good idea to add some internal padding.


Preparing the padding is simple: measure the internal dimensions of the tin, draw a rectangle of similar perimeter on craft foam (the kind you would find at an art or even dollar store) and cut out the pieces. Be sure to leave a few millimeters excess as it will take some adjusting to get a perfectly sized inlet. Form a rough shape with the foam and test fit it within the tin, trimming off a millimeter at a time until the inlet is tightly fitting but not buckled.


Use electrical tape to seal up the foam and it will keep it`s shape within the tin, no adhesive will be required if the foam has been cut correctly. Cut a small foam tab for the bottom of the tin and secure with bluetack.



Optional Additions – 


The capsules of desiccant commonly found in supplement bottles fit perfectly at the bottom but a small sachet of silica gel will work just as well.


you can make a small cutout in the wall of the foam and another cutout similar to the base to make a storage compartment at the bottom. To make the lid easier to open, pierce a hole in the foam opposite the hinge and route some string or leather through, tying knots on both sides. This makes for a low profile compartment with enough room for a few tips and cleaner tool.


Conclusion – 

The results are very nice, the practicality and unique design are really worth the work. If cut correctly, the foam inlet looks as if it would be part of the design and the externals of the tin, especially the green/silver flavour, really draw the eye. I find the colour scheme to compliment the ceramic ie800`s perfectly and the case has proved to be exceptionally hardy and practical during daily use. The lid is easy to open and there`s no hinge like Westone vault cases reducing the risk of pinching the cable. It`s also faster to open/close than a zipper case which is great for portable use, especially public transport.


I hope you`ve found this guide helpful in the slightest, I would love to see other DIY cases that my readers have thought up! Thanks for reading.

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  1. I have JBL make Jembe wireless (out of warranty) speakers, of which one of the speakers is not working. Is it serviceable? I live in Malad (West), please let me know which is the closest place where I can get it serviced?


    • Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for your comment, I am sorry I can’t really help with that as I’m not familiar with the area, but I would definitely recommend contacting your local JBL distributor of the seller you purchased it from for advice there.



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